MMU Blog Links

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Jessica Abdoney’s Blog

Jessica Abdoney is a staff writer and senior at Mount Mercy University majoring in Liberal Studies. Her blog is about travelling, mental health, along with art and culture.

Courtney Hoffman’s Blog

Courtney Hoffman is the managing editor for the MMU Times and is a senior majoring in communications and psychology. Her blog involves not only her life, but also advice she thinks could be of interest to you.

Sisters of Mercy’s Blog

The Sisters of Mercy is a group of nuns who are located at Mount Mercy University. They write about social injustices, their experience on helping the poor, sick, and uneducated, among many other topics.

Joe Sheller’s Blog

Joe Sheller is a professor in the Journalism department at Mount Mercy University. In his free time, he enjoys bike rides, which is what his blog is about along with his thoughts and opinion through photography and writing.

Anne Barkalow’s Blog

Anne Barkalow is a staff writer who is a non-traditional student at Mount Mercy University who blogs about juggling school, work, and her family.

Donovan Grubaugh’s Blog

Donovan Grubaugh is a sophomore staff writer at Mount Mercy University who is active on the bowling team. His blog is about his life in a different state.

MMU English Program’s Blog

The English Department at Mount Mercy covers the students and faculty who are part of the English program. It dives into internships, past trips taken, what the English program has to offer, and so much more!

Mary Vermillion’s Blog

Mary Vermillion is a professor in the English department at Mount Mercy University. Her blog involves her life, her published novels, book reviews, and quotes she applies to her life.