Heard On The Hill

Who do you think you need to say “Thank you” to this Thanksgiving and why?

November 11, 2021

Grace Ries, sophomore, public relations major

“Probably my mom, because she has motivated me to work hard for myself and my own happiness. She just helps me with everything I do on the daily and makes sure I am okay.”

Jzonel Jones, sophomore, criminal justice major

“I would probably say my parents, specifically my dad. He is the one that always checks in on me during the semester to make sure I am doing OK.”

Olivia Conrad, freshman, nursing major

“I would say my parents because they have been very supportive of me.”

Dominic McCain, freshman, business major

“I would say my friends and family because they are always there for me. They always reach out and make sure I am OK.”

Bryan Young, freshman, finance major

“My teammates because my captain asked me to”

Kaleb Hagge, senior, marketing and sport psychology major

“I would say my friends, my family, my teammates, and my professors. They are supporting me through everything.”

Were you planning to vote in the 2022 election?

November 10, 2021

Blessing Olutunde, freshman, computer science

“No, not currently, to be honest I feel like my vote really doesn’t matter. Like me, as one person is not going to change the majority and a lot of things. Personally, I feel like it’s kind of pointless.”

Myah Shipley, freshman, political science

“I have already voted. I voted at the Busse library when they offered the satellite voting. I feel like this is a really important election. I feel like there’s a lot at stake, and whether we realize it or not our senators in congress have more to say in our lives than some of the people we vote for.”

Alexis McKinney, sophomore, nursing

“No, because I feel like I need to look into it more before I can decide whether or not to vote.”

Gladys Reeves, junior. nursing

“Yes, because it is important. My vote is important because I need to be heard. We have several issues in the country that have to be addressed. It’s important to let them know what’s important to us.”

Clare Bechen, sophomore, conservation

“It’s pending because I’m not sure if my folks would want me to vote on campus, so I might wait till I go back to my hometown. I’m also not too interested in politics, even though I’m going into a major where I’m going to be dealing with criminal justice and law enforcement.”

Molly Kvidera, senior, nursing

“Probably not, because I would rather vote in my home county.”

What is the Best Thing to Watch on Halloween

October 28, 2021

Sam Stonskas, senior, sports marketing major

“‘Hocus Pocus’ is my favorite movie to watch during the Halloween season. It’s a Disney movie that always scared me as a kid, so it brings back fun childhood memories.”

Ethan Hafner, senior, education major

“‘Friday the 13th.’ It’s a classic scary movie that always gets me in the mood for Halloween.

Diego Sequeda, sophomore, sports psychology

“Any of the ‘The Conjuring’ movies because those are the only ones that scare me anymore, so they get me ready for Halloween.”

Jenna Welty, freshman, undecided major

“If I had to pick a movie to watch on Halloween, I’d say ‘Monster House’ because it’s funny and scary at the same time.”

Vivian Gonzalez, senior, exercise science major and pyschology minor

“‘Monster House,’ it reminds, me of going haunted housing.”

Becky Fishbein, criminal justice major, pyschology and Spanish minor

“‘Nightmare before Christmas’ because you can watch it on Halloween or Christmas.”

If You Were Planning Homecoming Week, What Event Would You Create?

September 30, 2021

Jayde Watznauer-Champman, sophomore, nursing major

“I would plan for live entertainment or a band to come to campus at nighttime and perform.”

Amire Gates, sophomore, elementary education major

“If I were planning a homecoming event, I would have a station for all of the freshman to gather and get to know each other. I’d have some upperclassmen there to answer questions about clubs and the school, to act as older role models or mentors.”

Jakari Bradley, freshman, business and finance double major

“I would plan a dodgeball tournament, teachers vs. students.”

Madysen Farmer, junior, nursing major

“I would definitely create a homecoming social to be on Friday or Saturday night. There would be food, prizes, a DJ, and game”

Megan Jacobson, freshman, elementary education major

“A bowling competition at May City Bowl, the first place prize would be an Apple Watch.”

Tristan Ainsworth, sophomore, secondary education major

“I would create a cuddly, cozy animal event, like with a turtle or cats and dogs. Like a petting zoo. I think people on campus need to make friends especially since COVID-19, this would help bring people together.”

What is Your Opinion on Mount Mercy’s COVID Response?

September 16, 2021

Amelia Frimml, freshman, elementary education major.

“I think that wearing masks is a good idea, we don’t want an outbreak or anything like that, so I think waiting for everyone to research the vaccine and knowing that it’s the safest choice for them, I think that’s a safe goal, in waiting for everyone to get that, to make this a safer campus for all of us.”

Devin Muresan, sophomore, computer science major.

“I think that masks while indoors is still a ready good idea, we should still be pushing to get those percentage vaccination numbers up a little more, before we start doing anything where you can mask off indoors. But I do think it’s really important for people to be more mindful of their surroundings, just to be extra careful monitoring their own health, because if people were more watching for themselves and how they’re feeling and being more careful themselves, then nobody would have it, instead of worrying about what other people are doing, you have to be sure that you’re safe first.”

Sophia Feahn, senior, criminal justice major.

“I think right now they’re doing well. They’re making us wear masks inside even though Kim Reynolds is telling us that we don’t have to wear masks. Having us wear masks inside is good, until we getour vaccinations, I think that is a really good decision to wear a mask inside.”

JJ Berry, freshman, psychology major.

“From what I’ve heard from upperclassmen, before, Mount Mercy wasn’t really on top of the pandemic, but now it looks like they’re being a step ahead by making us wear masks indoors, so I think that’s a step in the right direction. That we’re trying to be more ahead of what we think is going to happen with COVID. So, I think as long as we’re trying to stay on top of everything like we are now, we’ll be ok for everything, sports, school.”

Hannah Lueck,senior, elementary education major.

“I think especially in the second year that we’ve been dealing with the pandemic on campus, that it might be time to focus on mental health as well as physical health. I know not allowing guests into the residence halls is for a good reason for students’ safety, but I also feel like there’s a mental health aspect with that. I think that would be something to consider about how that affects students as well as their physical safety as well.”

Kennedy Harper, freshman, biochemistry major.

“I think Mount Mercy has been doing a really good job so far with their response. They’ve been making sure everyone’s been wearing their masks indoors. I know that classes have been a little bit more spread out as well. So, I think that they’re handling it fine. I don’t think that there’s any more precautions that need to be taken.”