Convocation ceremony encourages students that they belong

Students at the Convocation Ceremony. (Staff writer Morgan Ingwersen)

By Morgan Ingwersen, staff writer/August 26

On Aug. 22, Mount Mercy held its annual convocation ceremony, which was full of informational and inspirational speeches. One speaker, Nate Klein, vice president for Student Success, really stood out. 

Convocation is a yearly ceremony that Mount Mercy holds in the Chapel of Mercy for the incoming freshmen and transfer students. A few of this year’s speeches came from president Todd Olson, vice president for Student Success Nate Klein and Father Greg Bahl. These three speakers sought to recognize and inspire the incoming class of 2026. 

During Klein’s speech, he wanted to relate to the students on a more personal level, sharing that he once too got a not-so-nice grade. He went on to share one important quote from a professor that stuck with him: “faculty doesn’t give grades, students earn them.”  

Vice President for Student Success Nate Klein. (Staff writer Morgan Ingwersen)

To finish his speech, Klein told students that it is OK to experience moments of doubt, calling it “imposter syndrome,” questioning whether or not you belong here and encouraging them that they do. Telling the incoming freshman and transfer students that everyone doubts themselves, he encouraged them to remember that “you wanted to be here, and we wanted you to be here. It may be difficult to remember this at times, but remember we are all here to help you succeed.” 

Finally, Klein told students to engage in the classroom and outside of the classroom, and to always find the will to “live a purposeful and meaningful life.” 

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